Why you should Choose Seawaves Shipping

We are great at what we do

Seawaves as a company is efficient and skillful. We have mastered the art of freight forwarding. Seawaves believes in customer satisfaction hence we provide 24*7 support. We are a team completely reliable and professional. The team at Seawaves are passionate about their work and they do what they do best.

  • Sea Department

    Sea Clearance

    FCL Clearance, generally require 3 working day to customs clear the consignment, provided they are well planning and documents are scrutinized as per customs requirement before they are submitted to Customs Authority for Verification and Examination. As per our appointment as Customs House Broker it is our responsibility to guide our customer with the right procedure and represent them at Customs. So our Documentation staff and Field Operation staff work to-gether planning each delivery as it requires good co-ordination with Shipping Line, Customs, Container Freight Station, Transporter and Port Official if necessary. We give our best efforts to fulfill the needs of our customs with advance planning on each and every shipment clearance granted to us.

    LCL clearance, takes about a 5 to 7 working day time for clearance and delivery. However the same rule of FCL clearance apply for LCL Clearance, with little changes to the procedure.

    Export and Import work in two different methods, we have separate teams which handle Export and Import, the on-line filing system enable us to complete documentation work within is short time and proceed with field operations to clear cargo for Export or Import.

    The Export Team work 24/7, when needed, to monitor container placements at factory or CFS so the work process is well supported as per customer needs.

  • Air Department

    Air Clearance

    Every minute is critical with Air Shipment, especially during the time cargo is inside the Air Cargo Complex, the work QUICK is used often during this process. The purpose of using Airfreight mode of transportation is due to urgent needs of parts/materials for home consumption or sales. We understand this better and provide out most attention to in scrutinizing documents, submission of customs entry. Keeping in mind the window time available to clear cargo under demurrage free period time as soon as cargo received by Airport Authorities, either Import or Export, our team work round the clock to complete the work the same day or second day. A shipment awarded to us will not be allowed to sit at cargo complex from more than three days.

  • Ground Transport


    Advance Planning is essential to approach the challenging and changing situations at work, which is winning factor for anyone who has taken Customs Clearance Business as business. Our Company allow adequate time to review the documents received by us for Customs Clearance before they are submitted to Customs for Clearance. Such review, enable us to forecast the roadblock and make suitable adjustment so as to make prior arrangements to overcome the situation.

  • Customs Clearance

    Staff Approach

    Our in-house Customs Clearance staffs are well trained to deal with different situation and are well informed of the introduction of new rules and regulation, procedures. However late it is, they leave the work place after completion of work assigned to them. They can be reached on phone 24/7. Necessary training has been provided to our field staff on SEZ operations, Air Cargo Complex Procedures, CFS Rules, Customs Procedures. Types of Bills handled by our staff,

    Export of Fruits and Spices
    Export of Perishable
    Export of Electrical Goods
    Import of Second Hand Machinery
    SEZ Export and Imports
    Domestic Tariff Area
    Import of Finished Electronic Goods
    Bonding & De-bonding activities
    Courier Import and Export Clearance